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Load Computing Techniques

A structure has to resist all the external loads like dead, live, seismic, wind, temperature, hydrostatic etc. In this workshop we provide you detailed evaluation of loads and their applications to the structure through CAD Program.

Course Highlights:
  • Gravity Loads
  • Seismic Load Calculation (Static & Dynamic)
  • Wind Load Calculation
  • Application of loads in CAD Program
  • alteration to minimize the loads
  • Case studies on effect of lateral load

  • Fee: INR 500-2000 per participant depends upon the schedule.

    Duration: one day to a week as per the requirement of organizers.

    Certificate: Certificates of Merit and Participation will be awarded to the respective students.
    Minimum no. of participants should be 25.

    To Organize this workshop in your campus, contact: or +91-7742088289