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Seismic Design of Multistory Building

Guidelines from various organizations including governmental bodies has made it mandatory for buildings to be earthquake resistant. In this workshop you would be made familiar with the design of earthquake resistant structure which includes cause, evaluation and effect of earthquake with several theories as well as modeling in CAD Program.

Course Highlights:
  • Introduction to Earthquake forces
  • Evaluation of Earthquake by static and dynamic methods
  • Geometrical modeling in CAD Program
  • Application of Earthquake Load
  • Analysis and Design with specification
  • Detailing and Drawings in CAD Program

  • Fee: INR 500-2000 per participant depends upon the schedule.

    Duration: one day to a week as per the requirement of organizers.

    Certificate: Certificates of Merit and Participation will be awarded to the respective students.
    Minimum no. of participants should be 25.

    To Organize this workshop in your campus, contact: or +91-7742088289